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. Electronic

Funk and Electro Combined FFO Alle Farben. - Leonard: Pull Me Closer

When the guitar guitar solo finally arrives, we are treated to a succinct and jazz-flavored study in effortless musicianship.
. Lifestyle

These Capos Really Do Kick Ass

You can have an awesome capo AND be a participant in the reforestation of Hawaii. These capos are perfect for guitar players that care about sustainability.
. Electronic

Sizzling Electro Pop. - Rat City x Kiesza: Naked (With My Headphones On) [Music Video]

Kiesza is back with a new creative fire and a personal commitment to putting love and vulnerability first.
. Folk Pop

Melancholic Piano Pop from Kansas City. - Anson Seabra: Last Time

Anson Seabra combines a melancholic sense of narrative with an instinct for melody that does not disappoint.
. Electronic

Dream Pop for a Lonely Heart. - Esmé Patterson: Light In Your Window

Explores the complexity of a desire to feel connected to something that no longer exists, and makes peace with the slow rhythm of emotional recovery.
. Indie Rock

Languid Dream Pop from Albany. - Laveda: If Only (You Said No)

Laveda brings their unique, collaborative vision to an extension of 90's shoegaze, and into the modern spectrum of languid dream-pop.
. Dance

Badass LoFi Slow Funk. - Grandma x Rico Nasty: Stomp and Grind

Gritty visuals, oversaturated colors, and a sizzling vocal performance from Rico Nasty underscore the primal yawp of this urban get-down.
. Electronic

Unforgettable Indie Pop from Nashville. - Savannah Sgro: Friends With Your Girlfriend

Leverages an honest and disarming soprano against a heartfelt lyricism that draws from universal touch-points of daily life.
. Folk Pop

Understated Acoustic Folk FFO Bon Iver. - Jesper Hasnaoui: Warm Night In Oslo

A soothing and romantic moment of introspection, served over an understated shuffle and a complement of muted brass.
. Roots

Indie Folk from the UK FFO Alexi Murdoch. - Rainy: Still Here

An inviting call for emotional solidarity across all lines of division.
. Indie Rock

Mysterious Dream Pop from Austin. - Bryson Briight: Foolish

A little bit cryptic, a little bit in-crowd, and sluggish-sexy like a strip club, on acid, where someone keeps playing the same two chords on a Rhodes piano.
. Hip Hop

Spiritual Hip Hop from Los Angeles. - Dax: Dear God (music video)

If a single song can dismantle centuries of religious hegemony, and serve as a soul-cry for countless generations of unheeded suffering, this is it.