Throwback Soul from Living Legend is Produced by Dan Auerbach. - CeeLo Green: Lead Me

Krister Axel
Indie Rock

Indie Pop Jam from Southampton for Fans of James Blake. - Cat Marina: Ex Friends + Bad Endings (Music Video)

Krister Axel
Folk Pop

Acoustic Ballad from Nashville Explores Emotional Isolation. - Josie Dunne: Lost (Music Video)

Krister Axel
Indie Rock

Disco Infused Indie Pop from Ohio for Fans of Tom Misch. - Clubhouse: Weekend

Krister Axel

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Poignant Indie Folk from Young Reality Star. - Sawyer Fredericks: Born

A poignant and emotional ballad about the contradictions inherent to finding love and lasting companionship. - artwork by @_ninapfeiffer…

Retro Synth Pop for Fans of Arcade Fire. - LOVVS: King City, Pt. 1

Revelatory and exciting music that reminds us all to keep dancing until the world ends.…

Soothing & Atmospheric Instrumental from Germany. - Thomas Lemmer x Christoph Sebastian Pabst: Almseemorgen

A swirling and atmospheric blend of laid-back rhythm and beautiful melody.…

Smooth Indie Rock from the San Fernando Valley. - Chatrooms: Palm Reader (Music Video)

Experience is the one thing you can't buy back, so you might as well take a few risks while you still can.…

Uplifting Acoustic Pop from Spain. - Luna Keller: I'll Bring You Home

May we all benefit from the love of someone who will lift us up when we fall.…

Edgy Alternative Hip Hop from London. - GR3YWXLF: Villainy

As we run the gauntlet of life experience we are forced to make personal sacrifices; what we do with that hard-earned catharsis is up to us.…

Unforgettable Indie Folk from London. - Grace Gillespie: Goodbye

A roots-driven pop jam that features acoustic guitar, organic live drums, and a sense of poetic introspection that is delivered with confidence and restraint.…

A Mellow Mix of RnB and Hip Hop from India. - Tushar Mathur x Shayan Roy: Stepping About

Does productivity have to be our only measure of self-worth? Hard work is important, but so is the ability to take a step back, and relax.…

Evocative Chillhop Grooves from Hamilton, Canada. - [zoethecat]: hazy

This laid-back groove was designed to emulate the morning experience of being awake and on the street, just before the city comes alive.…