. Roots

Chris Diller - Amen to That

Diller writes about appreciating the precious moments and slowing the hands of time.
. Electronic

FLØRE - Bikes

How many memories do I have to kill to stay alive?
. Folk Pop

Nostalgic Folk Pop from Kent. - Katie Kittermaster: Sunday Afternoon

A soothing tribute to the easy spiritual connection that can exist between lovers.
. Electronic

Indie Pop FFO Moon Taxi. - Foxfire Run: Dear Mrs. Young

The moment, suspended in time, when a young love flowers into something more than just beautiful - it suddenly feels vital.
. Hip Hop

English & Spanish Hip Hop Jam. - Snow Tha Product: Butter

A smoldering sexuality that lives outside of any hint of patriarchy.
. Folk Pop

Electro Pop from Australia. - Shirina: I Only Hate You Cause I Love You

A final analysis of what can be learned from having your heart broken to pieces.
. Electronic

Indie Pop Soul from Toronto. - Listen to Chupapi: Love Song, Dear

Makes peace with the moment you realize that you have fallen in love.
. Poetry

Pixels (haiku)

I write only in Pixels now.
. Poetry

For Adeleia (a poem)

And the sky feeds the river, and the sun feeds the sky.
. Instrumental

Electronic Violin Pop from Billboard Top 5 Artist. - Lindsey Stirling: Artemis

Empowering, lively, and simply beautiful.
. Folk Pop

Austin Indie Jazz Pop FFO Norah Jones. - Margo Zelle: Lazy

True love is the kind of love that makes you woozy.
. Poetry

Now (poem)

One by one we cross the wide water and flames that fill the night