. Roots

Modern Ambient Fiddle Music from Michigan. - Laurel Premo: The Brushy Fork of John's Creek

Presents a bold and dynamic instrumental narrative that mimics the flow of water and the natural turbulence of nature itself.
. Soul

Smooth Soul Pop FFO Allen Stone. - Quincy Mumford: Lost In Your Pleasure

A bouncy groove, a playful flirtation, and a smooth lead vocal come together to support this soul-pop track that is perfect for fans of Allen Stone.
. Indie Rock

Indie Pop from Scotland. - Dancing On Tables: Stay (Music Video)

Dancing On Tables makes a statement about the danger of romantic codependence with a video that showcases the band's playful sense of humor.
. Roots

Country Wisdom & Nashville Pop. - Sarah Ryder: Another Fool (Music Video)

Sarah is right where she wants to be: with her true country grit, sass, and femininity on full display.
. Electronic

Smoky Electro Pop from Toronto FFO Banks. - KYŁO: Tell You

An unsettling view of a love that has already closed down, and a musical search for salvation from the tepid haze of indecision.
. Soul

Funky Disco Soul from Nashville. - The Brook & The Bluff: Everything Is Just A Mess

The majesty and simplicity of this disco-leaning jazz croon crystallizes the last refuge of a love ignored: see me, or set me free.
. Electronic

Slick Future Bass Grooves from Germany. - Fuchy x Novaa x Simonne Jones: Miss Your Body

Wherein we explore femininity and the female form as an infinite source of inspiration.
. Folk Pop

Mellow Folk Pop FFO Hollow Coves. - David Nevory: Bright Eyes

Delivers a personal revelation about the power of love to transform a life, and to bring connection and purpose to all who dare feel worthy of affection.
. Folk Pop

Spiritual Folk Pop from Ohio. - The Satellite Station: Hollow Sound

We stare directly at the holy fire as we gladly confess to our own impermanence.
. Electronic

Acoustic Indie Pop from UK for fans of Jon Bellion. - Jotsey: Colours

Combines acoustic guitar, percussion, and a buttery bass line with pop melodies and a potful of romantic frustration.
. Poetry

Alan Watts (poem)

Looking for things that should never be. Building the walls that will set us free.
. Soul

LOONER [Soul Sessions] - If You'll Just Let Me Try

Brings the allure of sexual opportunism to a new set of young, impressionable ears.