Yeardley is back with new single 'wedding preparations in the country'. This track extends their indie-rock aesthetic towards the sound of punk, in an acoustic play on a band like SWMRS if they were jamming with Wilco.

We wrote about their last single, and found it to be refreshingly original and a bit wistful. This time, the energy is big, the language concise, and we follow the tumbling drum pocket through a tunnel of half-logic and casual observation - under the influence, and among friends. We are not sure what the symbols mean, but we are glad they are there.

wedding preparations in the country, the latest track from Yeardley, is a full-throttle ride through life's beautiful mess, and a reminder that the only person it needs to make sense to is you.

i wrote on the sky
buried the fallen snow
depths that i'd like to know
before this is through

This song was produced by Logan Christian & Yeardley, and was engineered, mixed, and mastered by Logan Christian at Midday Studios in Des Moines, Iowa.

UPDATE: We made a lyric video for our broadcast to EI TV.