It’s a lyric with a melancholic sense of purpose, while the lead vocal is left to flower unaccompanied in the churning counterpoint between guitars and rhythm section. Yeardley gives us a classic indie rock sound, with a strong band core and some orchestral flourishes.

Where this song truly shines is in the synergy between vocal affect, song arrangement, and exceptional imagery. This track resonates as a pure expression of the deeply human tendency towards acknowledging the mess we’ve made.

“We’ve written and re-written
til it’s no longer even possible
to know what ever was
and all my friends have all but given up ”— yeardley

We are left with an endearing track that attaches a sense of resolution to the bubbling self-reflection, and adds a hint of Ben Gibbard to the vocal delivery.

yeardley is an Indie Rock artist from Des Moines.