With new single "Maniacs," Thin Lear combines a gorgeous string arrangement with the instantly-recognizable sound of Matt Longo's tenor voice and an aggressive feel from the acoustic drums. "Maniacs" evolves from being a story of personal isolation into a full-blown yearning for companionship, with a mellotron-infused entrance that leads to a perfect synergy of organic sounds and raw emotion.

We have covered the music of Thin Lear before. This one-man-show blends Americana with indie rock in a way that showcases both style and substance. The uptempo groove of "Maniacs" recalls the sound of classic soul, and lays down a bed of electric guitar and piano beneath a subtle and complex vocal, while also relying on a James Brown style of funky groove to glue it all together. With the release of "Maniacs," Thin Lear pairs a big drum mix with a blazing performance from the band, and delivers an enticing ode to the lure of groupthink.

Indie-Rock artist Thin Lear is based in Queens. This song is featured on our Roots Collection playlist.

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