With a slight urgency to the mid-tempo groove, and a lingering air of elegant harmony, Queens-based Thin Lear brings us the theatrical expressiveness of Rufus Wainwright coupled with a roots-based rhythmic sensibility that just feels right. Death in a Field showcases the ebb-and-flow between piano, Rhodes, a spunky rhythm section, Mellotron strings, and a gorgeous lap-steel track.

At its core, this lively blend of warm rock and country flavors gives voice to the pure rapture of existence, as every moment is a chance to give witness to something unique and ephemeral.

Grace without witness is death on the vine

Death in a Field, the latest from Thin Lear, is a memorable and jazzy experience chasing the setting sun of life itself.

Thin Lear is the project of songwriter and producer Matt Longo, who aims to lovingly craft homemade pop-songs from his home in New York City. This song is featured on our Roots Collection playlist.