Timeless Americana Provides Escape from Modern Life. - Sam Carlson: Leave Me Alone

Timeless Americana Provides Escape from Modern Life. - Sam Carlson: Leave Me Alone

From Sam Carlson's upcoming debut album "Little Bit of Madness," this is the third single release, entitled "Leave Me Alone." A driving beat combines with prominent lap steel and fiddle to present this modern Americana track as a powerful message about the disconnect between city-minded, political groupthink and the rural isolationism found everywhere else in the United States.

We've covered Sam Carlson before - his fast-paced, gypsy-folk vibe started with years of singing traditional Gospel hymns, and his first two singles have already connected with fans from around the world. His raw and distinct lead vocal makes a perfect centerpiece for this sonic celebration of Country attitude, while Carlson's mix of roots and grit is a satisfying respite from the chaos of modern society. "Leave Me Alone" feels both timeless and fresh, and is certain to lead you to the conclusion that "Little Bit of Madness" will be one of the great debut Americana releases of 2020.

Who tortured the timber?
Who stripped all the land?
A child heard of wartime
For all in the sand
So give me all your thoughts
And give me all your prayers
I'll take them to the country
And breathe that mountain air until I'm old
Leave me alone

"Leave Me Alone" was recorded at Sonic Ranch Studios in Tornillo, TX. This song is featured on our Roots Collection playlist.

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