This review was originally published in August of 2018.

Mike Viola gets an endorsement from Ryan Adams; and more than that, my songwriter's heart tells me this is exactly the type of lyricism that Adams holds dear. And then of course, the production is fantastic, and it has that tom-drum-everywhere sound that's I've heard many times on Love Is Hell.

Mike Viola is making it happen. It's Dylan, it's Elvis Costello, and somehow it's Everclear. Much like Ryan Adams has a sound that only he can make, Mike is doing something only he can do. Smart chorus, pregnant verses, and there's always a twist. Mike is working the triplet here, and talking about real stuff:

“My mind is not a sieve my mind’s a conduit
small electric waves surround all living things
some call it a halo, or an aura;
it’s just the feeling when I’m singing”— Mike Viola

It's got groove, originality, purpose, and finesse; yes, you should listen, immediately. This song is featured on our Roots collection playlist.