Lunis is a Folk-Pop-Electro songwriting duo from Brittany in France, made up of Laurène Bourvon and Louis Mevel. We've written about them before (in a collaboration with Janee), and their new track "Fleur au pisto" is an exciting extension of their electronic pop sound, that showcases unforgettable melody and a sense of poetic lyricism that exposes French as the goto language of both philosophy and love.

Brought together by a video found by chance on the internet, an invitation to share a concert in 2010 between these two artists paved the way for a musical and human encounter of rare compatibility. Both Laurène and Louis had been working independently with their own record labels, but the unique palette of their combined vocal talents inspired them to create an indie-pop presence together. "Fleur au pisto" combines hints of carpe diem optimism, beautiful vocal harmony, and a talent for songwriting that glistens with style and substance.

Personne ne te dira si c’est le moment
Alors si demain est un jour différent
Pourquoi pas maintenant

This song is featured on our CHILL Angeles playlist.

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