Award-winning songwriter and producer Janee is back with another electro-pop single, this one called Out of Town. Mixing orchestral sounds with electronic groove and a sharp instinct for pop hooks, Belgian producer Janee taps French duo Lunis for a stunning new single.

The slick vocal performance from Laurène Bourvon is perfect for the bouncy groove and instrumental drops, while we explore the miracle of self-motivation, and the aspects of character that can push someone to make something more out of life. A compelling mix of synth-based production magic and raw emotion elevates this track into a groovy summer anthem that is perfect for anyone about to hit the road, headed straight for the unknown.

I just wanna be radiant, wanna be radiant
be the one be the one be the one breaking through

Janee has penned tracks for Robbie Williams and Bob Sinclair, just to name a few. Production duo Lunis got their start on the French reality show Star Academy. This song is featured on our CHILL Angeles playlist.