Junior Knits is a San Diego musician who makes electronic music and beats against an undercurrent of darkness. Last year, he released a quiet track called Yellowstone Modem, which used field recordings from Yellowstone National Park. Since then he has been trying to get back to that same contemplative vibe while using sonic textures that are more specific to his own life, and this is the first track to showcase that emotional synergy.

"Morn" features field recordings from the very early morning near his house, which is the time and place where he feels happiest, and revisits his love of acoustic guitar as a cornerstone for this contemplative and upbeat track. "Morn" moves from the folk-style intro into a dynamic groove that exposes Junior Knits' unique talent for subverting natural sounds into an electronic space of unimaginable poise and beauty.

The cover photo is from a beach in La Jolla where Junior Knits likes to go surfing. This song is featured on our Instrumental playlist.

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