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Instrumental / USA / Electronic / mp3

Ambient Music from Wild Sounds. - Junior Knits: Yellowstone Modem

. 1 min read . Written by Krister Axel
Ambient Music from Wild Sounds. - Junior Knits: Yellowstone Modem

This is a wonderful example of human compound-ingenuity, in that someone at the Park Service had a great idea, which triggered another great idea from Junior Knits. The 'found' sounds at work here, a sort of naturalistic musique concrète, are nothing short of astonishing: the sound of a bear chewing, for example, and other features from the great wide-open.

This scientist of electronic music from Southern California found a strange chemistry between the tones of nature he had discovered, and the electronic textures alive in his laptop. The result is a soothing downtempo vibe that is deeply musical and very unique.

This track is based on a series of recordings of wildlife and natural features made at Yellowstone National Park and released in January 2019 by the United States National Park Service. This song is featured on our Meditation playlist.