Delicate Folk Pop from Oklahoma City. - Josh Fudge: Meet Me in Seattle

Delicate Folk Pop from Oklahoma City. - Josh Fudge: Meet Me in Seattle

Introducing Josh Fudge, a 17-year-old multi-instrumentalist and songwriter from Oklahoma City. "Meet Me in Seattle" is his first acoustic release, which he performed entirely on his own as a love-letter to someone who is no longer in his life. Josh is currently a senior in high school.

After finding music at the young age of 4, Josh quickly fell in love, and his passion for writing and performance has only grown since then. He continues to write and release as much music as possible. "Meet Me in Seattle" is the poignant exploration of a lost romance that features a heartfelt vocal performance and a finger-style hook on the acoustic guitar. Layers of delicate harmony combine with subtle underpinnings of hand percussion, and a few notes on the acoustic piano, to deliver a moment of sincere regret and beautiful catharsis. A relationship, seen in the rear-view mirror, can yield an unspeakable gift of self-reflection.

Josh has recently started collaborating with producer Logan Bruhn, and other local artists including guitarist Tyler Sexton and drummer Jhakhobi Harley. This song is featured on our Rainy Day playlist.


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