Gorgeous Duet. - Jeremy Zucker and Chelsea Cutler: you were good to me

Kindness is everything, and love is worth fighting for.

Gorgeous Duet. - Jeremy Zucker and Chelsea Cutler: you were good to me

The meeting between these two rising pop-stars happened in 2016 at a college neither of them attended: The University of Connecticut. He flew out for a show, and she was visiting her best friend at an outdoor frat party. They had already heard each other’s music on Soundcloud, so all she had to do was say hello.

A while later, Jeremy inked a deal with Republic and nearly two years later, so did Chelsea. Now, each with their own promising careers, Jeremy Zucker and Chelsea Cutler come together to create something beautiful, and bittersweet - you were good to me is a piano-backed ballad-duet, wistfully lost in the power of retrospection. There is nothing better than the feeling of comfort that comes from a long friendship; romantic or otherwise.

The combination of vocal timbres here creates a wonderful chemistry, that along with the sparse and melodic production, delivers a moment of transcendence: nothing lasts, but the relationships we build can both bring us strength as well as create a lasting sense of worth. The world can be a pretty tough place for young hearts, and the fragility of innocence can be a weakness in the wrong situation.

And now I'm closin' every door 'cause I'm sick of wantin' more

The latest single from Jeremy Zucker and Chelsea Cutler, entitled you were good to me, is a simple and poignant moment of catharsis: kindness is everything, and love is worth fighting for.

Friends share secrets, they complain, they emote, they celebrate: and they even make beautiful music together. When Jeremy Zucker and Chelsea Cutler joined forces for “you were good to me,” it was much more than two rising stars combining their natural-born talents; it was two friends sharing their personal conversations (set to music) with the rest of the world. This song is featured on our Rainy Day playlist.


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