Leonard is a brand new electronic project from New Zealand that combines classic elements of dance pop with a fresh perspective and modern beats. "Only Find it Here" was created exclusively at Jonny's home studio in Wellington.

This hooky jam was born out of a chance encounter, when two likeminded producers met at a rock gig. While talking, they gradually confessed to one another their mutual love of pop music, and soon decided to work together on a summer bop. This collaborative jam between JAN (Sam Minot) and Leonard (Jonny Avery) combines a percussive and rhythmic feel with jazzy guitar lines and a lush, driving bass line. A sparse and energetic electronic groove matches perfectly with a vocal mix that touches on elements of indie pop, electro, and commercial. With a vibe somewhere between Maroon 5 and Frank Ocean, JAN and LEONARD deliver an ode to good love, wrapped in a house-flavored groove that is ready for the dance floor.

This song is featured on our Groovy Summer playlist.

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