This is the second single released by Leonard, which began as a collaboration between a producer & songwriter, and a classical guitarist. They landed on something that combines syncopated rhythmic elements with an experimental touch on the lead guitar.

Leonard is a brand new project, started by Jonny Avery, that brings together elements of house, funk and pop. A bouncy bass-line on the synthesizer pairs well with hints of RnB from the lead vocal, and the interplay between pulse and backbeat creates a delicious sense of anticipation. When the guitar guitar solo finally arrives, we are treated to a succinct and jazz-flavored study in effortless musicianship. This unique and masterful performance does not disappoint, and feels like a good match for fans of Alle Farben.

All the music is played, recorded, and mixed by Jonny in his home studio in Wellington, New Zealand. This song is featured on our Groovy Summer playlist.