NY-based artist Elliot Moss shares an evocative video for first single 'Barricade,' directed by Madeline Kate Kann. This introspective track exposes the adrenaline rush of being lost, hurt, or isolated, and how that resonates for days and weeks in the little details that remind you of someone, or something, that you are trying to forget.

As Moss describes it: 'an anxiety that you eventually might look to shield yourself from at whatever cost.' After Moss’ 2015 debut Highspeeds and 2017 EP Boomerang, A Change In Diet is his newest offering, wherein Elliot Moss captures a period of upheaval that altered his habits, relationships, and even his songwriting. Barricade confronts the power of romantic habit, and documents, in part, Moss' own experience with the 'golden dark,' as he struggled with depression at the end of a decade-long relationship. Moss examines our willingness to make concessions in order to stay comfortable, and our own capacity for internal adjustment. With Barricade, Elliot Moss explores the aesthetic of vocoder melody, and slick, sparse electronic beat-making, in order to brew a soothing blend of raw emotion and hard-won, personal catharsis.

Photo credit: Kevin Condon. Elliot Moss recently announced his sophomore full-length album, A Change In Diet, will be released on January 17th, 2020, via Grand Jury. This song is featured on our CHILL Angeles playlist.