Fresh Indie Pop from the Pacific Northwest. - BLAZAR: Better

Fresh Indie Pop from the Pacific Northwest. - BLAZAR: Better

For his second release with AntiFragile Music, BLAZAR drops a bass-and-drums groove about persistent high expectations. "Better" joins an in-your-face hi-hat shuffle with subtle elements of electro-pop and a hushed, edgy vocal tone that complements the sparse instrumentation with seductive undertones and a hint of amorous suggestion.

The last time we covered BLAZAR, his track "I Like It That Way" combined a hip hop beat with a simple hook on guitar. Latest release "Better" goes in a different direction, with more upbeat, rhythmic feels, and a bass line that might remind you a little bit of Michael Jackson's "Billie Jean." BLAZAR consistently delivers pop magic that lives on the border between electronic, retro-synth, and commercial pop sensibilities, and "Better" is a fresh and enigmatic addition to his growing catalog of indie-pop masterpieces.

BLAZAR is an electro-pop artist from Seattle, Washington. This song is featured on our Groovy Summer playlist.

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