Jerad Finck just signed a deal with AntiFragile Music on Universal, and "BLAZAR" is the name of his new project under the label.  He will be releasing a full album this year, and "I Like It That Way" is the first single to drop.

Starting from a simple phrase on the electric guitar, we are quickly introduced to the electro-pop groove magic that has made Finck and his new musical persona a goto for fresh sounds from the Pacific Northwest. Exploring the flood of emotion from a mutual attraction, "I Like It That Way" probes the instant physical chemistry of a new love. The last time we covered Finck's music, we described him as a 'poignant cross between Gavin DeGraw and Jason Mraz.' With a different look and a new perspective, the sound of BLAZAR incorporates a dance-floor focus into the existing instinct for sticky pop melodies. "I Like It That Way" sets the stage for a massive debut from this exciting, newly-minted AntiFragile artist, with an impeccable production and big chorus hook.

And when her hands start to know me, can’t help but give in
I can taste what she’s after, it’s sweeter than sin

BLAZAR is an electro-pop artist from Seattle, Washington. This song is featured on our CHILL Angeles playlist.

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