From the deep swing to the syncopated chords on piano, this track extends the west coast legacy we have from artists like The Pharcyde, A Tribe Called Quest, and De La Soul, to create a signature sound with the flavors of the midwest. Replacing the classic themes of conflict-based flow, the refreshing tenor here is that of connection, and appreciating the finer sex.

The message is clear: it’s all about the love.

The connection is strong, we speak the same truth

Once we find stillness in the moment, we can look around at what is present - and the gift of a forever-companion is no small thing. Lives can change with a glance; and a new perspective can make all the difference.

Inspiration to the soul, now I see bigger

Just Another Day, the latest drop from Middletown’s Big Head Bandz, is a hot track that elevates the beauty and the infinite presence of femininity as the root-and-flower of existence, reinforcing the only truth we need to remember: without love, we don’t have much.


Jason Johnson aka Big Head Bandz is a Hip Hop artist, writer, producer, and the C.E.O. of Got Bandz Entertainment. Big Head Bandz hails from Middletown, Ohio, a Midwestern city located a few miles outside of the Cincinnati area. Big Head Bandz has been performing on stages since the age of six. This song is featured on our Conscious Hip Hop playlist.