This review was originally published in August of 2018.

It seems pretty clear that the world belongs to the voice of Theresa Jarvis: everything about this song and this band feels exactly right now. Equal parts badass and diva, her lyrical aggression and powerful melodic cadence are perfectly matched to the band's impassioned chaos.

It's big energy, it's a lot of moving parts, and the attitude is all business. This song is a dog-whistle for the ride-or-die in your life.

“If you know what’s it like
to be reckless
you and I we can fight
us against the world”— YONAKA

YONAKA are playing on the European festival circuit this summer with an upcoming performance at Reading & Leeds set for August. This is a band to watch out for.

YONAKA is an Indie-Rock band from Brighton, UK.