Yes Please is a singer/producer duo comprised of Matt Miggz and producer apob. Bikini Bottom is a lighthearted song about the moment you are willing to change your whole life just for a chance at being with someone.

Matt and apob began making music together at 10 years old, having grown up on the same street together. Matt later developed a career as a professional photographer, working with artists like Travis Scott, Wiz Khalifa, and Benny Blanco. Meanwhile, apob was busy fine-tuning his beat-making skills, producing for 9th Wonder, Young Roddy, and Ro Ransom. The two debuted as duo 'Yes Please' in May of 2019.

On Bikini Bottom, their latest single, Yes Please puts together a playful mix of courtship imagery, lusty passion, and long-form metaphor that links infatuation with being underwater. Fishbowls, bikinis, scuba gear, wetsuits - it all comes together in the name of being lovestruck, while the epic bass tones rise and pop like bubbles of oxygen. This song flies by as fast as love itself, showcasing both a light touch and serious premise: a lonely man will do just about anything to turn his luck around.

Something real simple I’ll be right under the dock
Worries float away so give me everything you got
Tell me what’s the fastest way to get under the ocean
Hold my breath but bubbles fill up with emotion

Yes Please was featured on the first edition of Apple and NBA's collaborative playlist "Base:Line." This song is featured on our Soul playlist.

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