This post was originally published in December 2018.

This one gives me echoes of The Bravery. It’s got that vital band energy, powerful lead vocals, and enough informal high-life references to get someone arrested.

In their own words:

“It has something to do with free-basing weed wax off nice silverware you heated up on an electric stove.”— Yacht Punk

But beyond that promise, there is the delivery. The rhythm tracks are another level: the synergy between kick and snare and bass tone, and the way that plays off of that wall of aching tube amps, just melts into this boiling party-stew of self-deprecating rawk.

New Wave Denier is a masterpiece of modern audio production, bringing the distressed poetry of Graham Bockmiller together with bandmates Michael Pozzi on guitar, Graham’s roommate Tricky on drums, and Justin Ricard playing bass. This band-forward rock number is both a simple good time, and a complicated statement about the process every generation goes through to find their own sound.

“I never listen to New Wave
I’m too young”— Yacht Punk

Yacht Punk is a 4-piece band from Beachwood Canyon. This song is featured on our Hi Energy playlist.