Emerging from the electric streets of Melbourne, Australia, a new hero known only as Wonderluxe brings a refreshing salute to big-beat raves with his debut single ‘Daffodils.’ With thick layers of sound and an irresistible beat, this fun and cheeky affair joins a bouncy verse with bright and brassy chorus drops.

A hint of pop-piano and psychedelic effect elevates this exploration of infinite possibility, and the theme of finding hope and inspiration in the open spaces of everyday life resonates with a gorgeous vocal performance from Cultra. Daffodils, the latest from Wonderluxe is sure to have you on your feet - and leave you wanting more. This lively track delivers an instant dance party with flavors of retro-pop and electronica, just in time for a night-out with your friends.

We could live forever
in the splendor

This song is featured on our CHILL NEW Songwriters playlist.