Kristina Emmott, also known as willolux, is a Canadian singer and songwriter whose musical style combines nostalgic folk with modern bedroom-pop. Her latest single Safe Spaces is a song for misfits who want to step out of the spotlight so they can be themselves again.

Kristina wrote this song for her husband after his brother committed suicide, and it serves as a sobering reminder that we must find a way to harvest a spiritual resilience from within; when we are alone with ourselves, we are the most vulnerable. The heavy subject-matter is offset by a dynamic arrangement that brings an indie-rock guitar sound together with a folky aesthetic that might remind you of Elliott Smith. willolux plucks heart-strings with an impressive simplicity, as she manages to find a poetic sense of closure inside the deepest of tragedies: her music is equal parts easy introspection and hard-earned catharsis, and will leave you different than you were.

This track features Kristina Emmott on acoustic guitar, James Testani on electric guitars, and Daniel Klenner on keys and drums. This song is featured on our Roots Collection playlist.