It started with four friends. Three guys and a girl in a studio, each with wildly different personalities and dreams, but all united in their support of each other. Soon they were recording some of the most powerful material of their careers, moving into a house together, and nurturing a collective inspiration.

WHATEVER WE ARE has a mission: to carry their theme of breaking boundaries much farther than music, and to inspire others to be undeniably true to who they are. They wear white to symbolize unity and a blank canvas. With skill sets ranging from alien-rap chops, powerhouse lead vocals, proven hitmaker production instinct, and top-notch guitar performance, they create edgy and complex soundscapes of electro-pop. LIMBO is the first song ever written by WHATEVER WE ARE, and outlines the human struggle to find a personal connection to this world. Joining the sound of acoustic guitar with piano, synth bass, and a soaring chorus vocal from Gabrielle Ross, we explore the power of personal honesty, and the beauty that lives in a simple friendship.

I lit up and burned out; how many times I hit rock bottom because I couldn’t admit that I needed help.

This song is featured on our Groovy Summer playlist.