Weekly Winner. - Big Push by Good Sport

A proud, unique, and deeply satisfying exploration of modernity, discomfort, and the barren edifice of self-congratulation.

Weekly Winner. - Big Push by Good Sport

"Boring Magic," Good Sport’s long-awaited debut album, is a simultaneously sobering and tongue-in-cheek reckoning with age and existentialism. "Big Push," the latest single, is a song about attacking your demons head on, neutralizing them with humor, and empowering yourself to become a better person.

With a rhythmic, electronica-fueled flow to the groove that might remind you of Talking Heads, this dance-friendly romp combines a prominent synth-bass with drum machines, vocoder-style harmony, and a futuristic vocal presence that feels a bit like bro-talk from the Wizard of Oz. Ryan Hizer moved from Morgantown, WV to Pittsburgh in 2011, leaving behind the legacy of a moderately successful band called Librarians, to start Good Sport as a synth-driven solo project while he adjusted to his new surroundings. The release of "Boring Magic" represents a milestone for Hizer, as he processes his own growth as producer and music creator in the context of an evolved concept of success. For so many in the DIY music industry, the struggle to balance personal identity against the rigors of popular conformity becomes its own reward. "Big Push" is a proud, unique, and deeply satisfying exploration of modernity, discomfort, and the barren edifice of self-congratulation: eventually, being honest with yourself is the only remaining option. Good Sport makes a compelling case for letting middle age unfold with eyes wide open.

are you like that every night?
cuz you embarrass yourself
you gotta take better care of yourself
and i ain’t going to talk
but i’m not looking for a big baby
who’s still teaching himself how to walk
and harsh though this seems
man, your whole peter pan thing is dead to me
everybody’s gotta grow up eventually
i hear you and it’s gonna happen for me

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