Infectious Indie Pop from Portland. - We Three: Machine (Music Video)

Infectious Indie Pop from Portland. - We Three: Machine (Music Video)

After causing a stir at home in the States by quickly racing to 50 million streams and selling out venues all over the country, Portland indie-pop rockers We Three introduce themselves to the UK by sharing their EP "We’re All Messed Up But It’s Okay." With a music video for their latest single "Machine" that blends big pop hooks with a bouncy beat and a figurative escape from the corporate world, we fall in love with the cajon groove and a visceral yearning for freedom.

The simple lesson to "Machine" is that often, people need to follow their own path. Especially in the arena of office life, there is always pressure to compete against our peers for the best look, the most friends, and the nicest car. The chorus here sums up the feeling that many of us have in that environment: "I don't want to be a part of your machine."

The three siblings of We Three – completed by drummer and pianist Joshua Manlie – were raised in a musical environment. Their grandfather was a songwriter and musician, while their dad performed in a family band that the three youngsters would often play alongside. After years of honing their craft in their native Portland, the turning point for We Three came when they were invited to compete on America’s Got Talent. At their audition, they performed their song "Heaven’s Not Too Far," which earned praise from Simon Cowell and reduced fellow judge and former Spice Girl Mel B to tears. The touching tribute to their late mother made an instant impression on fans. With tour dates in the UK and Germany coming up in the next few weeks, We Three are ready to share their upbeat, accessible pop with music lovers on the other side of the Atlantic. Mixed by the Grammy-winning Ruadhri Cushnan, "Machine" is an infectious tribute to the pure heart in each of us that resists cultural conformity.

The music video for "Machine" was produced by Fortem Films. This song is featured on our CHILL Angeles playlist.

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