With a folk-inspired sense of narrative, and a beautiful connection to the inner workings of a relationship, the message here is a celebration of life, and of personal connection. Merry Go Round, the latest from We Are All Fossils, is an exploration of the power of retrospection - as we build a plan for the future, it is important to mine the past for clues.

The question of love is a slippery one - it knows many forms, and is always changing. That is why achieving a sense of perspective is so important; sometimes we forget to allow ourselves the luxury of having been wrong.

I felt cursed at the time but now I know

The sense of honesty here is palpable, and with the double-dose of acoustic guitar and banjo, the sonic backdrop is complete. Merry Go Round is a portrait of the human game itself: the inspiration, the fire, and the rebirth, where the only goal is to connect with another human, and to create a love that could last forever.

We built a fire to burn all that was pulling us down

We Are All Fossils is the moniker for this South African born singer/songwriter who lives in the UK. This song is featured on our Rainy Day playlist.