With a blend of elements that combine future bass, indie rock, and soul, Texas artist Very Yes presents their second single Ten Ate, following up on their success with last year’s release, Collide. The indie space is hotter than ever, and this is a really fun groove, with some 808-style bass and an atmospheric vocal simmering in the background.

It’s a party-beat, and this kind of feel-good electronica is a perfect match for an afternoon of getting things done. Our entire Instrumental playlist is built around this kind of song: the bouncy energy, the heartbeat pulse somewhere around 100bpm, and the ambient flourishes, coming together to push a 2-bar drum figure into what feels like a bright future.

Aaron Jaques (one half of Bronze Whale) started Very Yes to express his love of dusty breaks and 90's hip-hop from Texas. This song is featured on our Groovy Summer playlist.