This indie-rock band from the UK present their catchy riffs and depressing vocals, as a bellwether for a generation that feels both ignored and lied to. With their new single TV Brain, Bedroom / Boredom unpacks the unique experience of our internet-based relation with the world via sound bites, Instagram visuals, and the haunted glow of a universal broadcast.

Through the chaos of a daily commute and water-cooler chatter, we understand the need for somewhere easy to take a rest, and let our brains process information. With a unique and boisterous take on guitar-fueled indie rock, Bedroom / Boredom and their new single TV Brain are ready to empower a generation: keep your head down, take deep breaths, and don’t let yourself get too crazy. Everything will work itself out.

I haven’t slept in weeks; I sing songs in my head on repeat; I feel down on my feet, but I will keep running.

Bedroom / Boredom are a 5-piece band based in London, est. 2015. This song is featured on our Indie Rock playlist.