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Indie Rock / USA

Uh Oh Jiminy - Face the Music

. 1 min read . Written by Krister Axel
Uh Oh Jiminy - Face the Music

This review was originally published in May of 2018.

Something about that bass line gives me some echoes of T. Rex, it's a bit like glam-Country with a deep side of Indie Pop. Those 8th notes are ever-present and it keeps that double-time pulse long and steady. It's a solid party-time love song with the requisite super-bridge to guitar solo and singalong sha-la-la.

It's like fun. all over again, but now with added Marc Bolan. Plus it's a story about the person you want to be and the bass feels twangy. A girl, a guitar, and a once-in-a-lifetime inspiration: the future is made of such things.