It’s bouncy pop, and love-gone-wrong, but we pick ourselves off the floor, ready to try again tomorrow. As much as there is a sense of hopefulness from this delicate electro-pop single, that the future can always make things better, one also feels this is already the main event.

Maybe that is why our protagonist is so ready to lay down her defenses. After a time, we begin to enjoy our own self-sabotage.

“Break me down, wear me out
string me up again
I’m a sucker for something mean
Tired eyes, wild nights
I break my heart for fun
I’m a sucker for boys that leave”— Tyzo Bloom

Which is why this song will resonate with much of the youth right now: it's a peppery party anthem, doused in mild contempt, a bit like drinking beer with a vodka hangover. Tyzo Bloom joins up with pop singer Gigi to tag the both awkward and awesome moment when you either nurture or squander your social mojo.

Tyzo Bloom, aka Casey Chen, is a 25-year-old LA-based producer/songwriter. This song is featured on our CHILL Angeles playlist.