Indie Pop from Omaha. - Twinsmith: Feels

Maybe it is time to start living for the moment.

Indie Pop from Omaha. - Twinsmith: Feels

Channeling a sunny, chilled-out surf-pop vibe, friends Jordan Smith and Matt Regner originally had a more Americana-inspired version of the group called Betsy Wells before altering both their name and their creative course. Rechristened as Twinsmith, they are releasing their new single Feels in partnership with Silver Street Records.

Feels is an easy moment with yourself that gives voice to that restless uncertainly, that idea that something is wrong with the current situation, but it’s hard to know what.

I’m caught up in a life and it’s telling me to get out

Using a combination of roots-rock and indie-pop flavors, Twinsmith make sense out of life with this effusive track about listening to that inner voice: the one that’s telling you to run. Feels, the latest track from Omaha’s Twinsmith, is a party-anthem for your visceral self. Maybe it is time to start living for the moment.

Twinsmith is a 4-piece indie-rock band from Omaha. This song is featured on our Roots Collection playlist.


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