Enigmatic newcomers TTRRUUCES introduced an opening chapter to the narrative that unfolds through their forthcoming debut album with their first single "Sad Girl," which mixed off-kilter psychedelia with dramatic theatricality. Their next track "TTRRUUCES" opens with sinister, theremin-style synths set to an industrial beat, and delivers an unsettling blend of otherworldly atmospherics. A wall of celestial harmonies gives way to the mantra-chant that powers a captivating chorus.

Sadie, the Sad Girl, is 17-years-old and already feeling disenchanted, depressed and different. She can’t stay at home because "daddy’s screaming through the bedroom wall," so she heads out and bumps into Syd, the Lost Boy. Syd is in his early twenties, and over-compensates for his lack of direction with pure hedonism. Sadie and Syd meet through the Bad Kids, the users and pushers of an experimental drug called TTRRUUCES which opens your mind, forces you confront your fears, and shows you the world as it truly is. This drug is provided as a deep blue powder, and the Bad Kids are easily identified by the blue dust around their noses. This is where TTRRUUCES picks up the tale: Sadie and Syd take the drug and quickly embark on a powerful "bad trip." Yet, this experience yields a tempting opportunity to leave the past behind, as Sadie and Syd find a new sense of importance to their lives that is built on the understanding that their previous existence was meaningless. Part allegory, part rock-opera, and part experimental noise-pop, "TTRRUUCES" extends the story of Sadie and Syd as a metaphor for coming-of-age in the modern attention economy, and presents an irresistible mix of boomy drums, electronica, and casual mind-expansion.

You’ve been up too high, but in the wrong place
Now you’re gonna find out what you have always chased.

Will Sadie and Syd find the sense of belonging that they both desperately crave? This song is featured on our Groovy Summer playlist.

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