Alt-Country Roots. - Trevor Stott: Halfway in the Night

We are beautiful precisely because we are broken.

Alt-Country Roots. - Trevor Stott: Halfway in the Night

With a quivering baritone that treads the line between folk, country, and Americana, Trevor Stott visits with the earnest critic in his heart to explore the connection between darkness and light. In this roots-driven mid-tempo pocket, being left on that knife’s-edge between salvation and despair, we are forced to pick a side.

Because attitude leads perception, and perception is reality, do we choose to be half-lost, or half-found? We are all of us living on the line between right and wrong, so it should not matter where we were, nearly as much as where we are going.

Lookin' for a light out in the broken dawn, halfway here and halfway gone

The familiar drum cadence, in concert with the dusty mental-scrapbook of Stott’s scattered memories, punctuates the fuzzy alt-country feel you might remember from Uncle Tupelo, and the later incarnations of Son Volt, or Wilco.

Out where the water meets the broken wall, beaten down with sand and salt

Halfway in the Night, the latest from Utah’s Trevor Stott is a bold restatement of that age-old folk-idiom: we are beautiful precisely because we are broken.

Trevor Stott is from St. George, Utah, stating that when you create something, it feels like you get in touch with a part of yourself that you didn't know was there. This song is featured on our Country playlist.


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