Top Artists for October - Apple News & Google Search.

We are launching our first-ever monthly ranking metric. After spending some time looking through the data, I have devised a scoring system that I think will be fun for everyone. photo credit: Esther Wilhelmsson

Top Artists for October - Apple News & Google Search.

We are launching our first-ever monthly ranking metric. After spending some time looking through the data, I have devised a scoring system that I think will be fun for everyone, and balances the brand-equity of existing music stars with the ability to go viral inside the black-box of the Apple News algorithm. Of course, no one knows for certain what contributes to the 'Reach' metric for Apple News, but I know that it is tied very strongly to meta-data inside the blog headline. I work very hard to optimize that for every piece I write; I've been doing that since the summer. So the 'power of the headline' should be roughly equal for everyone. But what's great about Apple News, among many things, is that the spikes are big and fast; so even late additions to the roster for the month have a good chance to hit big numbers, because most reach scores bunch into the first day or two after publication.

It is perhaps no secret that I run Facebook ads for a lot of the top-named content on this site; but if I just ran a scoring system against that, it would be a list of ads I took out on Facebook for that month, roughly ordered by ad spend, which is not that useful. Also, I don't want to run ads all the time, I'd like to eventually not need to run Facebook ads to buttress my domain ranking, so instead, every month I will compile the top 5 organic Google search console entries - which of course is biased towards existing, well-known names - and then sprinkle in the top 3 Apple News scores for the month, with an apples-to-apples (see what I did there?) score that consists of Views * CTR (click through rate). Now, because of the spikiness of the Apple News numbers, the Apple scores will have more potential for a bigger monthly number; but for the same reason, those artists will tend to change more over time, and in the end I think it will be a nice metric that pits scrappy indies against well-known bands, and that feels like an exciting idea to me.

So here we go - in spot #8, with a score of 2.07, we have DVBBS with GOMF.

Put it on.

In #7, with a score of 7.07, we have Toronto Indie Electro band aiwake with their music video for Sundown.

Toronto Indie Electronic. - aiwake: Tonight (Sundown) [Music Video]
A symbolic statement about the importance of timing and authenticity.

At #6, Australian acoustic folk-pop duo Hollow Coves with a score of 19.98 and their song When We Were Young.

Hollow Coves - When We Were Young
A unique language of the soul, written with heartbreak and redemption, and a sort of wisdom that is grateful for all of the little things. photo credit: Nick G

Coming in at #5, with a very respectable score of 49.25, we have the posthumous collab between Scatman John and Lou Bega: Scatman & Hatman.

Scatman John, Lou Bega - Scatman & Hatman
A bouncy and colorful dose of nostalgia that arrives just in time for summer.

And in spot #4, just ahead of Scatman, with a score of 50.03 is folk-pop OG Joshua Radin with his track Here, Right Now.

Joshua Radin - Here, Right Now
Preview the title track from Joshua Radin’s upcoming full length album, out early October. And yes, broughten is a word.

And now, the Apple News numbers, in spot #3 with a score of 67.46 is talented Country star Sarah Ryder and her track Another Fool.

Country Wisdom & Nashville Pop. - Sarah Ryder: Another Fool (Music Video)
Sarah is right where she wants to be: with her true country grit, sass, and femininity on full display.

And in #2, also from Apple News, with a score of 70.8, we have indie-folk artist Jaymison with his track Robert De Niro.

Indie Folk for America’s Scrappiest Underdog. - Jaymison: Robert De Niro
The angry young actor from Taxi Driver who ‘found the other side’ underpins a theme of scrappy stick-to-itiveness.

In our top spot for the month, also from Apple News with a score of 132.08, we have Scottish indie-rock newcomers Dancing On Tables with their lovable track Stay.

Indie Pop from Scotland. - Dancing On Tables: Stay (Music Video)
Dancing On Tables makes a statement about the danger of romantic codependence with a video that showcases the band’s playful sense of humor.

If you want to be on this list, you just need to send us your song, and do what you can to get people to search for you. But the best thing you can do is to share the blog pieces from our Apple News channel within the first few days of getting featured. That's it! Thanks for reading.

See you next month.

Be well.


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