Spirited Acoustic Folk. - Listen to Tom Speight: Heartshaker

Spirited acoustic folk for the celibate among us.

Spirited Acoustic Folk. - Listen to Tom Speight: Heartshaker

An uptempo pulse with a prominent kick drum moves this light and infectious flirtation along at a lively pace. The main elements are a washy electric guitar, the ubiquitous acoustic strum, and a buttery croon that might remind you of John Mayer.

The guitar tone, coupled with a tropical percussion element, leverages a strong rhythm and provides fuel for a simple and lovable hook. In the space of just a few years, Tom Speight has connected with millions of Spotify listeners - this is a lively example of the emotional honesty that got him there. The moment he captures is the essence of youth itself: the mutual adoration that is the stuff of dreams.

Darling, you got the world at your feet, are you watching, watching me?

Heartshaker, the latest from Tom Speight, is spirited acoustic-folk for the celibate among us, and a likely rallying cry for anyone that is both lonely and ready to take another chance on love.

Tom Speight is a singer-songwriter from the UK. This song is the 2nd single from his debut album Collide, and is featured on our CHILL NEW Songwriters playlist.


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