Mournful Indie Folk Masterpiece from Ireland. - Tiz McNamara: April Fool

Mournful Indie Folk Masterpiece from Ireland. - Tiz McNamara: April Fool

Irish Folk-Pop songwriter, vocalist, and drummer Tiz McNamara lost his father and 2 brothers to tragic boating accidents in the first year of his life. "April Fool," the title track from his debut EP, is dedicated to those painful memories, and the lingering presence of souls that were taken far too soon.

Originally a drummer since the age of 3, Tiz went on to study music in the prestigious Liverpool Institute for Performing Arts. In his second year at LIPA, he narrowly avoided having his foot amputated after a heavy piano fell on it; the injury was so severe that it forced him to swap his drums for a guitar in order to continue his studies. Shortly after switching instruments, Tiz took up singing and began to write his own songs, which have featured on UK TV shows "Hollyoaks" and "Emmerdale" as well as gaining support from industry heavyweights like BBC Radio 2, Amazing Radio, and NME. His gritty vocal style has a unique quality of understated melancholy, which deepens on "April Fool" with such a heart-heavy theme. Yet, with this inspirational track we find a thread of personal resilience: even as we acknowledge the impossible loss of family, and a series of questions that may never find answers, we discover the strength to move on. "April Fool" crystallizes the human instinct towards a denial of trauma - and processes, many years after the fact, the pain and loss that was, at one point, too difficult to bear. This stunning, mournful indie-folk masterpiece combines personal catharsis, emotional vulnerability, and a dream-sequence of repressed memories to reach a final state of self-acceptance. Let us never miss a chance to give thanks for the love that is all around us.

This song is featured on our Rainy Day playlist.

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