"Figure Me Out" is the first track of the decade for celebrated newcomer Tia Carys. At just 19 years old, Tia Carys seems to have figured out a lot about herself, and combines her unique and incisive world-view with an infectious beat and Ghanain bamboo flute. The result is an inspired and ebullient tribute to defiant youth and ice-cold confidence.

Born from the realm of Instagram, Tia has crushed the competition in a crowded field, finding a way into the spotlight thanks to her indefatigable energy and scattergun vocal style. Listed as one of The Independent’s ‘Ones To Watch’ for 2020, "Figure Me Out" documents her mixed English and Ghanian heritage, infusing a look at the cultures that made her with energy, wit, and an undeniable talent for lyrical flow. Drawing on her playful sense of charm she artfully assembles a series of moments-in-time - drawing from memories of family, struggles with self-image, and social exclusion. "Figure Me Out" is a compelling introduction to this young star-in-the-making that exposes a fearless need to explore the most vulnerable regions of her own heart, executed with a rare union of stylistic poise and killer instinct.

Tia Carys grew her initial fanbase from Instagram by reworking tracks and freestyles from the world's top artists including Drake, Fredo, Burna Boy, and Nafe Smallz, among many others. This song is featured on our Hip Hop playlist.

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