NOTE: This story was originally published on my old blog, from before I moved to Squarespace, and then finally Ghost.

I would like to announce, to the media gods who are always keeping score, that this is the best I have ever looked on broadcast television. Remember me thusly when I am at the pearly gates.

screen grab from the CHEYENNE DVD (MTV 2006)

I finally watched the dvd that I have had for 6 years now, and it is actually not a bad show. I remember how much empathy I had for her, she was such a sweet girl with so much going on and I can't imagine what it's like to have had so much success so early in her life. As turns out, I got on camera a little bit, which surprised me. My face was in the tag montage, which was cool. And the shot above is a screen capture of me walking on stage in Breckinridge, about to play keys and sing backup for CHEYENNE at our show there which was being filmed for an HD special. There are a few other shots of me in the earlier episodes, but this is far and away the biggest shot of me in terms of time and closeup level that has ever been broadcast on any channel of television. I have set my own bar in terms of media slam dunks.

The line-up was:
Cheyenne Kimball - acoustic guitar, lead vocals
Dave Krusen - drums
Joey Clement - bass, vocals
Krister Axel - keyboards, vocals
Travis Arnold - electric guitar