Film Composer Turned Indie-Folk. - Thiago Muller: Why Me

A song about humanity having mercy on itself.

Film Composer Turned Indie-Folk. - Thiago Muller: Why Me

With a combination of acoustic guitar, violin, percussion, and an emotional vocal performance, Thiago Muller takes us through the progression from victim, to survivor, to something else. The role he plays here is as an observer in his own life, finally understanding the depth of the tradeoffs that were made.

It can be so tempting to define ourselves through a relationship with someone else; but the danger is always that we lose sight of who we are in the process.

I can breathe and you’re the reason why - I’ve been burning all my love to stay alive

In the end we are left with a feeling of forgiveness - for ourselves, and for each other; for the hard decisions we are forced to make with too little time, and scant information. Why Me, the latest from Thiago Muller, is a song about humanity having mercy on itself.

Originally from Brazil, indie-folk artist Thiago Muller made the move to LA in pursuit of a career in film composing and music production. After scoring more than 10 short films, a web series, and conducting a full orchestra for an animated short, Muller decided to dive into the world of creating music for himself. Today, you can hear the new single Why Me, which is featured on our Roots Collection playlist.


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