The Uprise are an international collective whose mission is to organically unify the disparate cultures and sounds of the world. With their new track Picasso, they brew up a pulsing dance-beat to meld flavors of dance, hip hop, and world music into something fresh.

Picasso introduces newcomer Iris Nair with a beautiful vocal performance to match her enticing presence, as she is joined by ascendant afrobeat artist Andi McErnest, as well as Brazilian superstar MC Hollywood. The result is a party atmosphere with something for everyone: a sense of movement from the game-room roller-disco vibe, along with a festive combination of sex appeal, gold chains, and pastel colors. Picasso, the latest from London-based collective The Uprise, is a worthy entry to the canon of modern dance-party anthems, combining a weakness for twerking with assorted eye-candy and a groove that won’t quit.

This music video was made with the help of KondZilla. This song is featured on our Groovy Summer playlist.