This post was originally published in November 2018.

With a passionate lead vocal and some fantastic backup vocals, The Stone MG’s present their deep dive into the journey of addiction with big energy and some dark visuals. It’s classic rock and roll, it’s throwback soul, and it’s a really good time.

The energy just keeps climbing, and they take us out with an unexpected baritone saxophone; the element of surprise lurks in the paucity of detail, until we understand the role of love as a drug, and of drugs as a stand-in for love itself:

“Shelter undercover
desire never satisfied
my kind of lover
take me to the other side”— The Stone MG's

I Need You is a rock adventure, and your heart is the hero.

Austin-based garage rock band The Stone MG's introduces their new single I Need You. This song is featured on our Lost Treasure - Soul playlist.