This review was originally published in March of 2018.

Featuring bassist Maddie Jay of Maddie Jay and the pH Collective and drummer Jonah Summerfield, The Sidemen bring us back to patent leather, pivot-on-the-heel kind of 80s funk. There is a reference to Morris Day on their website bio and that is not wrong. The Sidemen are able to take influences from the age of glitter and wooden heels, and create something new; and maybe someone is putting their finger on a problem we have today:

“Does anyone know what I’ve done with myself?
We don’t want to hear about it...”— The Sidemen
The band room, Hotel Cafe (Los Angeles)

The band room, Hotel Cafe (Los Angeles)

It's a nice thing, connecting with an audience on weirdness; in this world of digital media, it is everything. The Sidemen are able to keep in contact with their considerable fan base through the magic of internets; I am still trying to figure that out; I think there are tubes involved.