For the 5 members of The Mowgli’s, life's journey has seen their friendship tested and rebuilt numerous times. From their earliest days as a revolving cast of characters to their current line-up, the core members have evolved from playing midnight warehouse parties to the main stages at music festivals around the world.

When singers Katie Jayne Earl and Josh Hogan were married in 2017, it was after years of constant touring. The gradual build-up of something that was more than friendship, that balanced the stress of remaining both grounded and optimistic through the good times and the bad, illustrates the deep bonds and close relationships that can come from life on the road together.

While there have been many highlights - appearances on late night TV shows, incredibly rewarding collaborations with charities and electrifying performances in legendary venues among them, the band also travelled to Honduras and Guantanamo Bay last year, entertaining the Armed Forces during the week of July 4th. It was an inspiring and truly eye-opening experience for the band. "You get that sense that people are really grateful to just have a connection with back-home - especially in Honduras," says Josh. "It was so cool to feel that energy and look around when you’re playing and realize where we were and what it meant to everyone."

"Since this band started we’ve been through a lot of changes: gained members, lost members, been shuffled around labels and learned a lot about the music industry," says Andy. "Now it feels like we’re really independent again, refocused on curating our live show, more in touch with the business of being this band." He adds: "Our sound has evolved but we always circle back to the basic themes: love, feeling good, excited for life no matter what the day delivers."

Delivering an energetic dose of indie rock with added elements of electronic pop, the music video for Wasting Time explores the process of recovery and readjustment after the end of a relationship, and celebrates the delicious freedom of starting over.

The Mowgli's are:

Joshua Hogan - vocals/guitar
Katie Jayne Earl - vocals
Matthew Di Panni - bass
David Appelbaum - keys
Andy Warren - drums

This song is featured on our Roots Collection playlist.

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