Mitchell Moser began The Mesa as a collaborative for working with fellow songwriter Chaz Chism and keyboardist/guitarist Dany Escobar. "Days Gone By" was the song that started the project, which was completed in Nashville alongside producer Matt Odmark, bassist Aaron Sands, and drummer Jeremy Lutito.

From long songwriting sessions in Texas, to exchanging tracks online, and the recording and mixing sessions in Nashville, the creative process for Moser and friends has taken many forms. Throughout, The Mesa has centered around an open exchange of ideas, and the complicated interaction between multiple perspectives, which resulted in a multilayered sonic tapestry that joins vintage Americana and atmospheric psychedelia with the influence of modern electronic and experimental productions by the likes of Daniel Lanois. "Days Gone By" is a solemn nod to the power of ethereal folk-pop, with a melody and vibe that is rich in both artistic restraint and dynamic range. This beautiful mid-tempo retrospective is perfect for fans of The War On Drugs and Father John Misty.

This song is featured on our Roots Collection playlist.

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