This fantastic chorus, by aptly moving to the relative major, which had been implied throughout the verse, joins both a harmonic and a spiritual realignment with a sense of freedom. The vocal personality, at the same time, feels like a casual observer in his own life, with a detached and axiomatic tendency towards simplicity of theme.

The result is an eclectic accompaniment to a life of exploration, as a dense essay on the steps taken towards fulfillment. Although vaguely chronological, I think the metaphors work better here as a progression through moralism, as a path-of-buddha. And that moment of partial enlightenment: the wah guitar, the cuíca, the tambourine, the shaker, the waves of vocal harmony, is like staring into fire.

For a brief second, everything is clear.

So to understand why I am the man I’ve come to be.
Gotta dig back down through all these fallen walls, back to when
I made the walls and the walls didn’t make me.

'Inuit' artwork © The Manitoba Museum, used with kind permission.

Landslide is the first single from the EP entitled Songs. This song is featured on our Roots Collection playlist.