The Kelseys - Forester Drive

The Kelseys - Forester Drive

This post was originally published in October 2018.

If you close your eyes, you can hear a young Chris Martin exploring his range; though the early Coldplay albums were sort of grunge-focused, whereas this sound borrows more from the club-cool stylings of Phoenix, or Vampire Weekend. The Kelseys are a young band, with a smattering of energetic ideas, and a strong sense of melodic poise.

Forester Drive combines a synth-heavy chorus with some calypso flams and a range of both clean and dirty guitar sounds to round out the mix. Throughout, the vocals from Peter Kwitny serve as the center of attention: easily keeping the listener engaged, with a silky baritone, an easy falsetto lift, and some lilted oohs. But it is the descending vocal figure pulling clean triplets over the backbeat that will make you stop and listen.

The quality of collectivism and the level of balance between boisterous college-pop and a more restrained art-rock make The Kelseys a band to watch out for. Their latest release Summer Light dropped in September 2018.

The Kelseys met up their freshman year of college at the University of Michigan, and in 2016, the band began playing shows locally in Ann Arbor. This song is featured on our Lost Treasure - Indie Rock playlist.


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