With an indie rock sound that might remind you of Spoon or the White Stripes, The Great Fuss delivers a dark and stormy mid-tempo guitar-groove with a backbone of classic rock and roll. A dynamic and creative arrangement contrasts a glam-style guitar feel with a boomy drum groove, and adds a chorus vocal harmony that was cut right out of the brit-rock era.

As modern pop returns to its roots in the blues with the recent success of bands like Greta Van Fleet and genre stalwarts the Black Keys, the lively sound of this bouncy track is sure to resonate with fans around Canada and the world. Route to Misery, the latest from Saskatoon’s The Great Fuss, is a carnival-rock gem that impresses the listener with equal parts youthful energy and sharp cynicism.

Just give me grain, or give me land; or give me forest that will turn to sand

The Great Fuss is an indie-rock band from Saskatoon, Canada. This song is featured on our Indie Rock playlist.