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Indie Rock / Australia

The Dollar Bill Murrays - The Shape You Take

. 1 min read . Written by Krister Axel
The Dollar Bill Murrays - The Shape You Take

This review was originally published in May of 2018.

This song is just cool. It is a poised affect, a perfectly-assembled recreation of that uncomfortable moment of attraction between temporary strangers. The melody is alive and the mix is engineered to serve it up on a hot plate, with a side of fuzz-rock.

With the new single The Shape You Take, The Dollar Bill Murrays reference the dance-rock of Franz Ferdinand while they also build a deliciously syncopated and choppy chorus that seems to fall onto the dance floor like a drunken schoolboy. It's a sharp arrangement and some nice counterpoint between the bass and electric guitar.

The Dollar Bill Murrays are an Alternative Rock band from Brisbane, Australia.